Grace Is Standing By

Grace Is Standing By

Each day brings change: a new breath, another heartbeat, simple pleasures, an unexpected phone call, a break through, a diagnosis, a celebration, heartbreak, news of new life, news that life has ended…

Where do you find yourself today?

Are you lost in the rain?

Are you moving towards the break in the sky?

Are you taking in every ray of sunshine?

There are ups and downs. There are hills and valleys. There is light at the end of the tunnel. And then there is nothing but complete and utter darkness.

There are positive and negative defining aspects throughout the course of a lifetime. Some are foreseen and some come sweeping in like a forceful punch in the gut, only to make you collapse into a fetal position wishing that the season was over and the rain would just let up already!

A few years ago some friends of mine lost their son in a car accident. The family was devastated. They were numb. You could see it on their faces. The joy that always seemed present turned quickly into anger and bitterness. They didn’t know how to move forward or get past it. Then, as they were attempting to restructure and find a glimmer of hope…well…the rain just kept on raining. No. The rain kept pouring! The sky was overcast for a season that was way too long; they lost another son to an overdose just a few months later.

Who were they to experience this kind of grief?

If you identify with this in any capacity, I am so sorry.

Where is grace in all this mess? And you may be asking, where is God?

I believe that God and Grace are standing by; they are freely offering themselves without expectation or reservation. “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.” Ephesians 2:8

In fact, God is holding your hand through the pouring rain. God is always leading you towards the break in the clouds. And most certainly, God is smiling while you celebrate in the sun.

Even when the sun shines bright, there still may be days where you look up and wonder where the rain is coming from. Have you experienced those days? It doesn’t even make sense…it’s raining but there isn’t a single cloud in the sky!

Where do you find yourself in your story today?

If you were to sketch out your defining moments, in our book, “Whiteboarding Your Why?”, what would the highs and lows look like? How do they define you? How do you move them forward? Where do you find redemption? And how do these positive and negative aspects bring you to discovering yourself and your movement in the world?

Your heart will sing and your heart will ache in this lifetime. You will find peace and you will run straight into chaos. You will climb mountains and you will fall into the crashing waves.

So how do you navigate all of this?


Grace that is either given or received freely, without expectation or reservation.

Seasons come and go. The clouds shift. The sun appears and then disappears again, bringing rain.

It’s certain that within our experiences we need umbrellas that guide us out of the rain. We need people who are “for us” when we see a break in the clouds. We need community to join us in the sun and celebrations.

There will be inevitable seasons in your story.

Know that grace is as close as your next breath.

Look for daily glimpses of light in the changing seasons.

Share your experiences so others know they are not alone.

I Am For You,

Tami Canaday


Tami Canaday Headshot

Tami Canaday is the co-founder of Project I Am For You. She is also the Ambassador Director and a Voice for Women of Faith. Tami inspires and guides others on their journey towards joy, wholeness, and living a better story. As a Certified Life Coach with a BA in Psychology and author of “Whiteboarding Your Why: An Interactive Approach to Living a Better Story”, Tami has hosted numerous retreats, events, webinars, and classes on helping people discover who they are and why they are here. Tami experiences the greatest joy in journeying with people as they are waking up to who God has created them to be in the world. There is power in reminding one another: “I Am For You.”


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